Seigler BF Fly Reel

Color: Gunmetal
Reel Lever: Red
Reel Knob: Silver
Sale price$1,500.00


The Big Game Saltwater Fly Reel

This Saltwater Fly Reel was specifically designed to battle Giant Trevally, Tarpon, Tuna, and Sailfish!  
-Lever Drag System
-Dovetail Reel Seat
-Full Frame Design
-Asymmetrical Spool
-E-Clip Spool Fastener
-Oversized Handle
-Field Serviceable

*Reel comes with Travel Kit to swap retrieve 
*To learn "how to change retrieve Click Here

Box Challenge includes: Tuna, Tarpon, Sailfish, and Giant Trevally 

Proudly made in the USA

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