Umpqua XC450BL Hook

Size: 10
Sale price$9.50


Similar in design to the XC400BL-BN, the XC450BL-BN gives tyers another carefully designed jig-style nymph hook with a deliberately super-wide gape to help make sure the hook point finds the fishes mouth no matter what you have tied on to the shank, making it a great option for small, jigged streamers as well. This hook pairs well with standard tungsten slotted beads, but it also works well with Umpqua’s Jig Bomb beads when you want to maximize the available shank length of your hook. The extended barbless needle point rides point up in the water to avoid snags and maintain sharpness. Combined with heavy wire and a stealthy black nickel finish, this hook gives anglers complete confidence when hooked up with large fish. Sold in packs of 25 hooks.

-        Nymph & Small Streamer Super Gap Jig Hook

-        60-Degree Vertical Eye

-        Heavy Wire

-        XX-Wide Gape

-        XL Needle Point

-        Black Nickel Finish

-        #10-#16

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