What if your trip of a lifetime was booked not only with fishing in mind, but also conservation? That is exactly what you will get by travelling to Jardines De La Reina on the island nation of Cuba. This stunning area of the Caribbean is fully protected as a marine sanctuary, meaning that you will never see a single commercial fishing vessel during your stay. That translates to a feeling of tranquility and solitude that is nearly impossible to find elsewhere as you wade hundreds of miles of flats in pursuit of big bonefish, permit, tarpon, jacks, and more. By booking a trip to this beautiful place, you are helping to invest in the protection of Jardines De La Reina for generations to come!

At Front Range Anglers, we are proud to partner with Avalon Outdoors to provide you with your dream fly fishing trip to Cuba! Avalon maintains a fleet of several luxurious yachts that provide anglers with the maximum comfort and convenience possible during their stay. Of these yachts, clients who book through Front Range Anglers have the privilege of staying on the newest and most luxurious of them all - the Avalon IV. This mothership is the perfect place from which to explore all that Jardines De La Reina has to offer, all while providing you with outstanding comfort, cuisine, and service. Take a look at all that Avalon has to offer, and see for yourself what makes these trips so amazing!