Ikari House, Christmas Island

Journey to Christmas Island with America's #1 Outfitter for Ikari House

IKARI HOUSE on Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is a destination that inspires adventure, and it is a mecca for anglers around the world. The fishing on Christmas Island is like no other saltwater destination on the planet, with nearly two dozen different species of fish to catch. Located 1200 miles south of Honolulu and 120 miles north of the equator, Christmas Island has stable weather and fishing conditions year-round. With over 240 square miles of hard sand and coral pancake flats inside the lagoon, you will find yourself never having to fish the same flat twice. Except for fishing the blue water, all the fishing on Christmas Island is done while wading the flats. Many of the named flats–Orvis, Paris Texas, Nine Mile, Y Site–are legendary, and they are endless! There are many others called “pancake flats,” as most of them are roundish in shape and seem to erupt off the bottom of the lagoon, making perfect reefs for fish and fishermen.

Located in the small community of London, the Ikari House is a single-level lodge overlooking the water and facing the prevailing ocean breezes. All double occupancy bedrooms feature private bathrooms with good water pressure, plenty of storage space for gear and tackle, comfortable single beds, and ice-cold A/C units. The dining and social areas are outside and covered, letting you take full advantage of the cooler evenings. While this is not an upscale lodge with pillow service and flat-screen TVs, it is a very comfortable base of operations for fishing this remote atoll. We have visited all four of the existing Christmas Island operations and we’ve found Ikari House to be the nicest option on the island for overall accommodations, cleanliness, service, food quality, location, equipment and guide team. The staff and management are always accommodating and work hard to make your visit pleasant and relaxing.


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Giant Trevally

The Stars of the Show
The fish that most anglers travel to Christmas Island for, giant trevally truly are special. Ranging in size from 15 pounds to over 100 pounds, GT's are sure to get any angler's heart pounding with their voracious eats and powerful runs. The smaller GT's around the island often travel in schools and are easy to fool with baitfish patterns, while the larger fish will oftentimes appear out of nowhere, challenging you to switch to your 11 or 12 weight and make a perfect cast before the fish disappears.

Backcountry GT's
The backcountry fishing on Christmas Island is something that every angler should experience. Home to large GTs, bonefish, triggers, and golden trevally, the backcountry is truly special. Close to landlocked milkfish ponds on the island, large tidal changes can allow GTs to get into these ponds, creating interesting stealth-fishing scenarios for anglers fishing the backcountry.

Multi-Species Fishing

Home to some of the best bonefishing in the world, it is not uncommon for anglers on Christmas Island to land 100 bonefish in a week, all between 3 and 6 pounds. Larger fish up to 10 pounds have been seen, but they are seldom landed.

The waters around Christmas Island are home to four different species of triggerfish: titan triggerfish, yellow margin triggerfish, peach face triggerfish, and Picasso triggerfish. Although these fish are tough to hook due to their hook-crushing teeth, anglers who successfully land one will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful fish on the flats.

Other Species
The flats of Christmas Island are also home to Bluefin and Golden Trevally, as well as bar jacks. Additionally, offshore opportunities are plentiful when the weather permits. Anglers can target yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and giant trevally in the morning before fishing the flats in the afternoon.


Lodging Overview
Rustic by global standards by 4 star by Christmas Island standards, each cabin at Ikari House has A/C, two single beds, and a private bathroom. Plenty of storage allows you to keep your rods, gear, and tackle safe day and night. The dining and social areas of the lodge are all outdoors, allowing you to take advantage of the cooler evenings. Ikari House is located in the small community of London, with easy access to to the main marina and the fishery. Without question, the accommodations at Ikari House are the most comfortable on the entire island.

Food and Beverage
All meals at Ikari House are prepared on site, featuring a blend of local cuisine and American dishes. Dinners will consist of a mix of seafood dishes, pork, chicken, pasta, and vegetable dishes. Breakfasts will include eggs, toast, and a side meat like sausage or bacon. Lunches are packed cooler-style with a sandwich, chips, fruit, candy, and cold beverages.

Travel Details

Island Information
Not to be confused with Christmas Island off the coast of Australia, our Christmas Island is part of the Republic of Kiribati which is located halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Accessed by a 3 and a half hour flight from Honolulu, Christmas Island is one of the most remote islands in the Pacific.

Once on the island, you will go through customs and purchase your fishing license. This is payable upon arrival at the airport and is $50 US dollars, as well as Australian dollars, are accepted. A departure tax of $20+/- is payable at the airport upon departure. There are no credit card facilities on the island, and a single ATM is at the ANZ Bank in the village of London, so it is advisable to carry some cash. Once outside of customs you will be met by a head guide who will take care of your transfer to the lodge (about 30 minutes).

How to Get There
There is only one flight per week to Christmas Island/Kiritimati Island’s Cassidy International Airport (CXI) on Fiji Air, which departs from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) every Tuesday morning. That means that you must fly to Oahu on Monday at the latest (we suggest Sunday to allow for any delays since there is only one flight per week to Christmas Island/Kiritimati Island) in order to make the Tuesday morning Fiji Airlines flight to Christmas Island Airport (CXI).


Ikari House Pricing
- Hosted Weeks are $4,500 US

- Our non-hosted weeks start at $3,650 US

What's Included
- 7 nights lodging and 6 days fishing, round-trip transfers between the airport and the lodge

- 3 meals per day and hors-d’oeuvres

- Daily laundry service

- Bottled waters (3 per day), juice, coffee and tea

- All guided fishing (2 anglers to a guide)

- All daily boat/truck transfers

- Internet access at the Ikari House

2024 Hosted Dates!
- February 6 – 13th, 2024

- March 5 – 12th, 2024

- March 12 – 19th, 2024

- December 10th - 17th, 2024

Term and Privacy.

Documents Required
All U.S. citizens are required to have a valid passport that does not expire within six (6) months of trips dates. Please be sure that your passport has at least two blank, unstamped pages remaining in the back, and that it is not torn, de-laminated, or damaged in any way.
Cancellation/Refund Policy
At the time of booking 50% of the trip is due and payable. At 90 days the remainder plus all VAT and taxes are due. Cancellation greater than 90 days from the date of trip, all monies refunded less $100 fee if a replacement angler is found. Cancellation within 90 Days, no refunds are provided unless a qualified replacement angler is provided. No refunds are provided for trip cancellation due to Weather, Acts of God, Airline/Travel issues.
Travel Arrangements and Insurance
Front Range Anglers will assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for trips to Christmas Island. Contact us at 877-935-2975 or info@frontrangeanglers.com for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services, and trip insurance. FRA REQUIRES all anglers to have Medical Evacuation Insurance- we recommend Global Rescue, and we HIGHLY recommend Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance.