Poling through the shallow backwaters of Louisiana's backcountry for tailing redfish is an adventure on many an angler's bucket list, and for good reason. There is simply nothing like silently sneaking up on a tailing redfish, placing a perfect cast in front of its face, and hanging on for the ride! Redfish have long been the most popular saltwater game fish in the entire country, making them the ideal target for a saltwater fly fishing adventure. Couple that with the fact that redfish can easily be targeted without leaving the country, and you have the recipe for a perfect adventure!

At Front Range Anglers, we are proud to partner with Captain Huff, one of the most accomplished and well-respected redfish guides in all of Louisiana. With years of experience targeting redfish in the marshes of Louisiana, there is hardly anybody more qualified to provide you with an exceptional day on the water chasing these amazing fish. Take the time to read more about Captain Huff, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you book an incredible fly fishing adventure in Louisiana