2023 HOSTED TRIP: August 27th – Sept. 2nd
Mýrarkvísl is a relatively small river that holds a great stock of brown trout, along with good runs of salmon throughout the summer. The river runs through plains on the Reykjaheiði plateau for the first 15km making it perfect for dry fly fishing. After that the river runs through a canyon where the river is a bit more powerful and you can often see the fish you are targeting. For the last 4 km the river runs down the plains by Laxamýri and into the Laxá in Aðaldal about 5km from the ocean. These extreme changes in Mýrarkvísl’s character offer you some of the most versatile fly fishing in Iceland. The river has an amazing charm with such diversity that there should always be something for every angler whether it is fishing the plains with small flies or hitch or sight fishing for salmon in the canyon pools.

The fishing season starts on June 1st, with brown trout fishing. At that time it is not unusual for angler to be catching 10-15 browns a day with a fairly good average size. Later in June the salmon start making their way up river in small numbers, but since the focus is mostly on dry fly fishing for brown trout. There are not many salmon caught in June every year. In early July the salmon run picks up and around the middle of July the salmon fishing really gets interesting, as the numbers increase dramatically.

The prime time period of fishing for brown trout in Mýrarkvísl is from June 1st to July 20th. After July 20th the brown trout tend to get selective in feeding. The best way to catch them is by targeting them with what they are feeding on and this is the time dry flies are most effective. From July 20th and throughout August and September it is all about salmon fishing on the Mýrarkvísl, as the bigger brown trout become territorial towards the end of August. We are catching good size brown trout on the salmon flies through September.

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